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Videos are the ultimate medium; combining stills, live-action, animation and sound to tell a story. Video production has been exciting addition to my job. I have been able to create and contribute in this area on several projects.

"Why I love farming" video

Task: Create a video based on a Facebook post from an Alabama farmer.

Concept: As I read the post, I envisioned a wedding-style, slow motion video with compelling bed music. 

Production: I spent the day with Garrett at his farm and we staged several shots and I also filmed while he was harvesting cotton.

Programs Used: Premiere, Audition

2021 Annual Repot

Task: Create an annual report video based on prepared script.

Concept: Add a combination of animation, video footage, stills and live action to create a compelling video that holds the attention of the viewer for the almost nine-minute runtime.

Production: This is my fourth annual report of this nature and it is still a major production that requires many hours of dedicated time to produce.

Programs Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, 
Premiere, Audition

"History" Commercial

Task: Create a low-budget commercial for social and online use from existing footage and stills.

Concept: Celebrating the 100th anniversary of one side of the company and 75 years of the other helped in creating a production roadmap that leaned on the history or where the company came from and the values it still holds.

Production: The most time consuming part of this production was combing through hours of footage to find just the right clips to help tell the story.

Programs Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, 
Premiere, Audition

Self-Service Password Video

Task: With no budget, create an internally distributed PSA to inform employees about a service to cut down on calls to the company's help desk.

Concept: When the idea of that voice getting stuck in your head was pitched, the video was relatively easy to produce. The added bonus was that the person who actually is the voice on-hold was accessible and willing to be in the spot.

Production: This gorilla-style production had a very small crew traveling all over the corporate building setting up scenes. It was easier for me to play the main character than to coach someone else on what my vision was.

Programs Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, 
Premiere, Audition

FFA State Officer Intros

Task: Create a fun, upbeat video to introduce the state officers for the annual state FFA convention.

Concept: Capture each office in several scenarios and two wardrobe changes both individually and together. Add special effects, strong music and energy to create the video.

Production: We spent one entire day shooting them on a green screen. I wasn't exactly sure where all the footage would take me but the finished product was well received.

Programs Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, 
Premiere, Audition

Rory Feek Introduction

Task: Create a video introduction for country music artist, Rory Feek, for a private event.

Concept: I was giving the script and cart blanche to find the right imagery and footage that would work.

Production: Finding footage of his farm and him walking through a field was a perfect ending to match the script. After Rory and his manager saw the intro, they requested it as his introduction as he tours the country.

Programs Used: Photoshop, After Effects, 
Premiere, Audition

Ag Tag Commercial

Task: Create a low-budget commercial for television and digital.

Concept: I was new into After Effects and wanted to animate the existing tag and make it more immersive.

Production: Because the tag was built in Illustrator, it was easy to take different elements and animate them on different layers to make the tag seem 3-dimentional.

Programs Used: Illustrator, After Effects

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