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Every designer will tell you, there are some projects that just don't seem to fit in an easy-to-understand category. Enter the one-offs.

These are unusual projects that are always fun to take on. 

2015 Inaugural Float (Alabama Governor)

Task: Design and manage the production of an inaugural float for the parade to honor the incoming governor.

Concept: The idea was to go from farm to home. Behind the barn there is a blue house with a white picket fence. 

Production: After gaining approval for the design, I worked with the set designers from the Alabama Shakespeare Festival (ASF) to have it built and assembled on a 35-foot gooseneck trailer. This included signage throughout.

Programs Used: Illustrator, Photoshop

2019 Inaugural Float (Alabama Governor)

Task: Four years later, we were approached again for the same parade.

Concept: This theme was entitled, "200 Years of Alabama Agriculture." It would feature an antique disk plow to symbolize where agriculture came from and pulled by a modern tractor to symbolize how far agriculture had advanced.

Production: I wanted to have some motion on the float so we purchased a slow-turn carousel that could hold a lot of weight and had the large, two-sided, "200"... affixed. The "200" slowly rotated in a circle during the parade.

Programs Used: Illustrator, Photoshop

Ag Float.jpg
Television Show Set

Task: Design a portable stage/set for a television show.

Concept: To create a down-home, southern look that could also be portable in case another video production needed to take place in the same studio. After the approved design, I went back to the set designers at ASF.

Production: The entire set was on casters hinged at the center with a vertical beam. When that beam was removed, the set could slide apart to reveal the gray wall.

Programs Used: Illustrator, Photoshop

George the Peanut

Task: Take a base drawing and develop a statue/display.

Concept: In Dothan, Ala., there are peanut statues everywhere. Dothan is the heart of peanut country in Alabama. I was tasked with taking a crude, hand-drawn image and develop a display to depict a modern farmer.

Production: I designed our peanut with a barn and silo (the first peanut statue to have a freestanding structure as part of the display). I also decided to include an Easter egg. The tablet he is holding has an image of all the commodities represented in Alabama. You can only see them when you walk up next to the statue.

Programs Used: Illustrator, Photoshop

08242022_Peanut Statue Dedication In Dothan_041_ME.jpg
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